To prospective buyers of Truelove Kennels puppies,

 Goldendoodles are wonderful animals and Truelove Kennels (Wendy and Joe) helped us with expanding our family!  We received our first doodle (Gus) for Christmas - 2005 from Santa!  Our girls were absolutely thrilled.  This was an exciting but stressful time of year!   We had lots of questions about doodles in general, the puppies personalities and their looks. It was a bit stressful because we’ve never done business like this with e-mail pictures!!  It was also stressful sending the deposit knowing that your not going to see the puppy for weeks!  All went wonderfully well.  We received a beautiful, smart dog that has a laid back personality!  Gus is now 4 months old!  He was completely house trained in one month!  He also knew the SIT, COME, STAY, LAY and HEEL commands by this timeline.  (of course COME doesn’t go quite as well if he has a lot of distraction!) We were so impressed by Gus and Truelove kennels that we looked into a playmate for him.  Again, Wendy and Joe were very informative and helped us make the right decision about which new puppy to pick!  Willie was born in mid November and joined our household in Feb, 2006.  Willie is just as smart as Gus.  He has been with us for 2 weeks and already knows SIT, COME, and HEEL!  He has a playful yet laid back personality and a very different look than Gus.  We have seen no evidence that either puppy sheds.  They are great buds.  Wendy and Joe at Truelove are very informative, trusting and reputable!  I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in receiving a doodle puppy!!               Wanda Latimer   Regina, SK




I have included a couple of new pics of Noah, and one 'not-so-new' one that I came across a couple of days ago.  I just couldn't resist it, as it has 'three loves of my life' in it - Noah and my two granddaughters.  Noah is now 54 pounds, still non-shedding, and doing really well in his training.  My six year old granddaughter can get him to do all the basic commands - sit, down, shake a paw, high five, leave it, roll over, stay.  Everyone is very amazed at how well he is doing, especially with the 'stay' and the 'leave it.' We have only had his face trimmed and love the 'shaggy' look.  As long as he continues to be easy to brush, we will keep him like this. :-)

Once again, thanks so much for providing us with so much joy in our lives, and for 'doubling' it in a few weeks ;-).  We do our best to provide you with lots of 'advertising,' as we take Noah every day to walk around the lake, and it is amazing how many people stop us to tell us that he is the most gorgeous dog they have ever seen and comment on how very well-mannered he is :-).  Hope some of this 'advertising' pays off for you!




Hi Wendy,

 Everything is great! Bridget is doing great!  She weighs 23 lbs now and is so much fun!  What a great personality, and so good with  the kids, not barky anymore! 

Take care, Cheryl



Hi Wendy  Just wanted to give you a quick update on our new boy, Ozzie. He is wonderful.  I am finding it hard to believe how good he is and how loving.  He has completed our house.  All of our friends can't get over how well-mannered he is and how much he is like a big teddy bear. Thanks Again and I will be sure to keep in touch.  I have attached a few pictures of Ozzie and I will send more when he grows. 

Jessie Marsh



 Hi Wendy,

It is hard to believe that just a week ago we brought Zoe home.  She has settled in nicely.  I think the pictures tell the story.  We have two very happy little kids and one very loved little puppy.  We are crate training Zoe and she is doing well.  She started to sleep through the night 4 days ago and other than one accident a day is learning to do her business in one corner of the yard.  The vet of course gave her a clean bill of health and was impressed with her gentle demeanor.  She weighed in at 10 pounds. 

Hi Wendy, Zoe is doing great. She is such a wonderful pup!  So friendly...wants to say a gentle hello to 
everyone who comes by especially little kids. She loves to run, play soccer with the kids but is also
just as happy to be a big lap dog.  We are attending puppy school which is going well.
She loves other dogs and is learning the basics. Has just had her third round of shots and weighed
in at 19 pounds at 4 months.  The vet estimates she will be about 45 pounds full grown at this rate. 
She started to shed a bit with the warm weather but it has slowed down in the past week so shedding
is minimal. Most importantly Denis does not seem to be allergic to her.  His sister who also has many
allergies does not react to her either. We will send more pictures soon.  She is getting curlier
and a little darker in color. Cute as a button. Sincerely Angela and family                                                                                          


Just thought I would send you some photos of our little girl. We are very happy with her and she is very happy she is being spoiled rotten. House broke now and growing like a weed.

Daryl Campbell and family











Hi Wendy, It's been awhile since we got Hailey, and I've been sooo busy that I'm sorry I haven't sent any pictures before now. She is such a little doll. She has the sweetest personality and has house trained already. She plays with all the bigger dogs and keeps them all in check. She's such a ham .I am absolutely in love with her. Thank you soooo much.


Riley is absolutely wonderful you could not ask for a more loving dog.  He is an absolute 'little' cuddle bum...I say 'little' figuratively as he is almost 50 pounds now.  A big boy who thinks he is a tiny little lap dog.  He definitely was a wonderful addition to our family.




Hi Wendy,I thought I would send you an update on our boy Riley (AKA Boo).  He is just an
amazing dog, we honestly can't say enough about him.  He has such a fabulous
personality.  Boo is truly loving beyond all measure and is a 70 pound cuddlin'
machine. Some of Boo's favorite things to do are bouncing in the snow, going for
long walks, cuddling with us, wrestling his stuffies (lambie, duckie and goosie)
and chewing rawhides (his fav)  We have taught Boo how to do high fives and tens.  He can also give hugs on
command now.  Boo has such an affection for snow that Winter seems to be by far
his favorite season even more so than summer time when he gets to play in the
water at the lake.  He has become a real'abonimable snow dog'. I think he looks more and more like his mom everyday.  What do you think?Happy New Year to you and yours!Cheers,Jennifer & William




 Hi Wendy,  Re:  Honey and Leo's November 15th litter, "Red Band Girl"
Please find attached confirmation of spaying and some pics of "Callie" taken yesterday playing in the back yard.
We just love her.  She is so friendly and so smart, too smart for her own good sometimes!  Her memory is excellent - both in terms of training
AND getting into mischief!  She really knows how to play me to get attention or treats. I haven't weighed her recently because of the
spaying (didn't want to pick her up), but two weeks ago the day she was spayed (April 13), she was 37 lbs.  She's such a happy dog
and everyone who meets her just loves her.  She can make the grumpiest person smile when we're out walking because she is just
so happy to see everyone (especially dogs and kids).  She's really good too.  We got through teething without her chewing anything she wasn't supposed to and she is learning obedience very well although she's much better at learning and obedience when there are no other 
people or animals to distract her.  I called her "Miss Congeniality" in puppy school as she was far more interested in
visiting and playing with everyone than learning, but one on one she is great and she did manage to get her puppy school diploma :-).  The rest
will come with some maturity.  We did crate train her, but she has been allowed to roam freely in the house during the day and night for over a
month and she is just excellent about not getting into stuff she's not supposed to.  She housetrained like a dream, there were very few
accidents after the 2nd week, and she learned to ring the bells on the door within 3 days of my putting them up.
Thanks!  Linda  Regina, SK

 Hi Wendy and Joe,

It has been a good winter with Max.  He has been excellent company when 1 of us  had to travel.With the snow melting, Max has been busy exploring his yard.
Thought we would share a couple pictures of Max taken today.

 Bye for now

 Kellie, Ray and Max





Hi Wendy.
A long time coming, but here are some pictures of our GoldenDoodle "Kramer".
Kramer has been such a wonderful addition to our family! Our daughter loves him so much, and he is so fond of her! We can't believe how great he is with Madison, and are so fortunate to have found him! Thank you!
After leaving Thunder Bay, we moved to Hamilton and in spite of all the change, Kramer is hanging in there!
Thanks again!

Hi Wendy,  Attached are some photos of Gracie (from Leo and Lucy Jan 05). Sorry I didn't send some sooner. She is doing great! We absolutely  adore her. She just finished her beginner obedience class and did very well. It's amazing how smart she is. One of her favourite thing to do is to play with other
dogs, any size, any shape. She's not picky. What I'm very happy about is how gentle she is with our 4-year-old daughter. The two of them are like sisters.   Congratulations on the new litters. And thanks again for introducing us to a
wonderful dog.



Hi Wendy,
 This is a picture of Gracie at 6 months.  She has just been groomed.
We are really enjoying her (don't know about our retriever Buddy, just
kidding).  Will keep you posted on her progress.
 Take care, Jan and Bob McDonald









Hi Wendy!
I've sent you a few pictures of Murphy. She is absolutely adorable and smart. She no longer has to ring the bell to let Theodore (cat) out, she taught him how to do it, and now that bell rings non-stop, it sounds like Christmas at our home everyday. We introduced her to the water in May, when we went to the cabin for the first time with her. She was leary of the water at we can't get her out of it.
She gets along so well with Whitney (Westie) and Theodore (cat), they are inseparable. Theo chased her around the yard the other day, until they saw a butterfly; then they both chased it.She no longer needs to sleep in her kennel, our king size bed now sleeps five! She loves to garden, and helps us with landscaping..........she prances around the yard with flower pots over the end of her nose. If you don't notice her at first, she pokes you in the back until she has your full attention to laugh at her. She is five months old and over 40 pounds, we call her our gentle elephant.
We couldn't be more pleased with her! Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to have such a wonderful little girl.
George and LeeAnne

Hi Wendy 

Hope things are well with you, I see you have another litter!  Here are a few photo's of Bo, just over 6mths.  He is 70 pds!!  We are always getting stopped on the street by people telling us how beautiful he is and wanting to know what kind of dog he is and where we got him…he sure gets a lot of attention.  He is such a great boy and has the best temperament, very gentle with kids and other little dogs but is able to hold his own with the big dogs!   He is definitely a water dog and there is no keeping him out of it!!   We can't imagine our lives without him.  A few weeks ago we were at the park and met one of his cousins from your November litter - you could hardly tell them apart!

Sherry Ruddock,

Hi. We purchased Cooper from you New Year's Eve last year. He's grown a lot since then.  He's very smart, very very cute and a real friendly, loving pet. He trained easily and listens to us, most of the time. We did "clicker" training with him and that helped iron out a few issues, like come baaaaack Cooper, as he bolts into the sunset. He just loves kids. People always stop us on the street to admire him and say, he could be in ads or the movies he's so cute. Anyway, a few pictures of Cooper the Wonder Dog--before and after his first big trim about two weeks ago.

Cheers.  Michele and Dave 


Hi Wendy, Happy New Year to you and all of your pups! I wanted to let you know that our beloved Sammi is a joy and continues to grow and change at a steady pace. The wee puppy stage flew by and now at 6 months she is 35 pounds and growing!. She’s a big hit at our nearby dog park . When we are there she loves to run full speed and play with the other dogs. She has maintained her stand out colouring and has a great temperament. Crate and house training went very well and quickly. Emma and I have bathed her a few times and she just loves the water. We look forward to the summer when she can swim in the lake. We  wanted you and others to see how she has grown and how beautiful her fur and colouring is before we take her in this week for her first trim. We hope that the groomer doesn’t trim too short because we sure love the shaggy dog look, with NO SHEDDING by the way. Yeah!

We are a very happy and healthy golden doodle family. Love, Barb, Bernie and Emma.




From our new extended family,  Jann and Gord in Regina.  They were all so cute I had to put them all on.  How could you resist Luca and Lijah's big doodle hug!!!!

Hi Wendy,Now that your life has slowed down a bit, at least with puppies :-), I decided it was time to let you know how the boys are doing. They love to play with the other dogs, but they are still each other's best buddy :-). We have them in two sets of classes right now - one being with a Kennel Club in Trial Obedience and the other in a dog school where they are doing Rally Obedience. Luca and Lijah got to come to school with me for a bit. It was quite an exciting day for both my class and the dogs. As you can see from the pictures, they took priority over any classroom learning :-). All I hear now from the kids is, "When are Luca and Lijah coming back?" :-)  They pretty much let the grandkids do whatever they want to them, as is apparent in the picture with my granddaughter, walking around with Luca on her back :-).   We have now met up with two of your minis. We are in a class with Roxie and have met Anna at the dog park a couple of times. Both of them are very cute. have had them before. As for weight, it looks like they have pretty much reached their adult weight (70-75 pounds). Once again Wendy and Joe, we can't thank you enough. We can't imagine life without our goldendoodles. Take care and keep breeding those gorgeous pups,Jann




Hi there Wendy!!!
 Thought it was about time to give you an update on Dug. He's so great!! Dug is just about 9 months old now and about 65 pounds. His coat is amazing!! Doesn't shed and I haven't had a problem with my allergies at all. Dug has quite the personality, loves all dogs and people that he meets and thinks that they should love him in return. People are always telling me how beautiful he is and asking what kind of dog he is. He's been called a big teddy bear by many!! I'm very proud telling everyone how smart he is. He was house trained in 3 weeks, knows sit, down, paw/hi-5, stay and is now mastering 'roll-over'! He's also quite the coach as well. If I'm not running when we go out for walks, he's always looking back to see what the hold up is! Pretty cute.
I also have to say that winter has to be Dug's favorite season so far. He loves the snow!!! I'm not sure what he's going to do without it. He's always eating it and loves to run in the deepest of snow banks! We'll have to test out the lakes this summer. I can't thank you enough for such a great companion! Both Brent and I love him so much and can't imagine our home without him. He may need a sibling in the future...we'll be contacting you when decide to get another doodle.
Kind regards, Karen and Brent Miller

Hi Wendy: A few shots of Bailey. We actually like the scruffy look ourselves. She's blended into the family really well. We all love her to bits.  She's housetrained & has been for a long time. She rings the bell (at the door to our deck) whenever she needs to go out. Unfortunately because we're so busy with our 2&4 year olds, we didn't get a chance to enroll her in obedience training. However, she's doing really well with all of the commands...sit, stay, lie-down.  We had her spayed in Feb07.  I'll send you proof of that later on. We just love her.  Thanks for helping us pick her out. Jenny Chan-Lauzier



Wendy, It was one year ago today that we picked Bailey up at the Toronto airport after arriving from Winnipeg and your home. I was out walking her this morning in minus 16 C temps, not quite Manitoba weather but close, and thought I should email you and let you know what a wonderful dog you sent to us. She is a very gentle soul and great with the kids. She loves being outside in the backyard and goes wild when we take her to a local dog run. A very social animal as well. Loves to greet anyone who is out walking or putting out the garbage. We have an ice rink in the back yard and she loves to chase the puck. Our handicap boy loves taking her for a walk and she is very good to him
as well. She truly has enriched our lives, hard to believe its been one year. Thanks Wendy,  Bob.


 Hi Wendy,
We took Miko to puppy classes when he was 3 months old, and he passed with flying
colours and loved every minute of it. He loves other animals (any kind) and people so much that he sometimes starts to hyper ventalate, so I have to calm him down. I will be taking him to agility classes when he is ready, as he is so smart and loves to show off his tricks. Early on, I taught him how to shake a paw and switch paws while shaking them.
Now, everytime you put your hand on him to pet him, he thinks he needs to do the
same and puts his paw on your knee. It is really sweet, except when he's been out in the mud or playing in his water dish! He is completely house trained and has been for a few months now, with the odd accident which is my fault. 



 So at 7 months, he is 58lbs (not overweight by any means) and stands about 2ft  tall. 

Our vet and trainer always have such great things to say about him whenever he is with them. He is so smart and impresses everyone for what he can do at his age. He is amazing and I can't say enough good things about him.

We love our newest boy member of our family (Miko) SO much and are so excited to

see what new things he does everyday. Thank you for everything!
Theresa, Mike, Miko and Bomber (our cat) Gillis








We are sending a puppy picture of Malibu and a more recent picture she is such a beautiful and smart girl, she has learned most of her general comands and is taking her training soon, she was potty trained very early and we have managed to have her have a special spot in the backyard. We love her so much and is great with the kids and can't get enough lovin' thanks for everything and providing us with such a great dog. the aspens


Hey Wendy, Thought I'd give you an update on Nemo, who just turned 7 months
on September 8th.  He has finished three levels of obedience with flying colors; and was the youngest dog in level 2.  He is very smart and so cuddly, always wanting to curl up or give a hug.  He spent a great summer at our cottage, meeting up to 30 people a day. We only came into Winnipeg for obedience classes and when he was neutered. Nemo, has drawn so much attention from everyone he meets; a collegue of mine is getting a mini from
Sina's litter, she was so impressed with Nemo's good looks and personality.  We Keep forgetting he is just a puppy because he is so smart. When my parents babysat our dogs for a few days, they could not get Nemo to break his stay because they forgot the command, he waited 15 minutes until they remembered, and he was only 5.5 months. He loves to play catch and steal things out of the the sink. He reminds Ron and I to stay mindful, because if you leave something sitting out he'll sneak away with it.  He has made the transition of me returning to work fulltime, and takes his cues from our very relaxed bulldog.  Thanks so much for a great dog, Shelley and Ron Suzuki




Hi Wendy.
Couldn't stop myself from writing after just 3 days. Red Girl # 5 was renamed Mya (pronounced mi-ya) by my daughter.
She has made the transition to our home seamlessly. She went to the vet yesterday and I've never seen so many people
ooh and aah over a puppy before, including people that were there with their own dogs. She received a clean bill of health
and the vet concurs on her potential adult weight of 45 - 50 pounds. I had never heard of hanging a bell at the back door
until I started researching Goldendoodles, and to my amazement, in 1 day Mya was already nudging the bell with her nose to go outside and do her business. She's amazing !! We are regulating her time outside after she rings the bell so she understands the meaning. I'm sure you've heard it before but she is so smart !!  We take her out the front door for short walks, and for the middle of winter and -22C, she's not interested in coming back in the house at all. She's having a ball in the snow !!! She's also getting a short car ride everyday so she adjusts to travel. When she's had enough, she simply trots unassisted back into her crate and lies down in her bed. We are all so very happy and looking forward to many years of fun and companionship. Mya continues to show more of her personality every day. If any of her siblings find their way to Winnipeg and their new owners are interested in having them spend time together, after they have received all their shots of course, please let me know thru email. Thanks again for our little princess. Enjoy these photos and we will keep in touch.  
Nelson Jones


Hello Wendy. 
Just an update on Mya. She
turned 6 months the other day and is doing just fine. She went through a 6 week puppy school and did extremely well. Passed the
sit, down, stay with flying colors !! However, she is very strong and we are still struggling abit with heeling on the leash. She is still on schedule for what we
thought her adult height and weight might be. Right now she weighs in at 36 pounds and is 22 inches at the shoulder. True to form - everyone loves her and she
loves everyone !!! There has not been one aggressive act portrayed by her even when she's being double-teamed by other dogs at the off-leash park. She absolutely loves
it there and just wants to romp and play with all the other dogs. She's enjoys the pond there and likes to retrieve a ball or chase the ducks in the water. We had
her at the lake last weekend and she is a little timid in the water as soon as her feet can't touch the ground but I'm sure she will grow out of that fear.  
The goldendoodle breed is
definitely getting recognition. We were stopped in Kenora last weekend by a lady her knew the breed right away and had your website bookmarked on her computer. Stand-by for another customer. Anyway, I can't begin to tell you how much we all love Mya. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Our instructor at puppy school told us not to treat our dogs like humans and members of the family but we just can't help it. She's too beautiful and has been easier to raise than my own children. Oh well, I never really liked the instructor that much anyway !!!  Please find attached a few pictures from the lake and a copy of Mya's vet receipt confirming that she's been spayed.  Thanks again, Nelson Jones

Hi Wendy,
Thought I'd send you a few pics of Sasha.
She is doing REALLY well, knows quite a few basic commands, and is about 90 % house trained.
According to our Vet, she's ahead for her age.
As you can see, she's growing leaps and bounds.  Our existing dog, Boots, has adjusted quite well to her coming into our home.
Ross & Kathy




Hi Wendy,
As you can see, Sasha is doing great.
She's almost 40 lbs. now.
Hope the photos got through ok, and the video link works for you.
Ross & Kathy





Hi Wendy, We hope you are doing well. Thank you for your advice on grooming! Coco's hair is now short but absolutely pretty! Easy for taking care of, too. We wanted to share with you these pictures. Coco just turned one a couple of days ago, and he is such a gentle boy... He's very sweet with everybody and specialy pacience with kids - our kids and any other young kid coming for a visit. That is not a minor detail for us. We are very proud of his wonderful personality. Warm regards, Dafne and Diego







Hi Wendy,
Just wanted to send you a few pic's of Cooper at 5 months and about 35 pounds.  We just finished puppy kindergarten last week and he is doing great.  He is such a smart and happy puppy.  I don't know what we did without him.  He is so easy to train and so loveable.  He is a true gem.  The shedding is almost non-existant which is a huge bonus.  As you can see by the pictures he has made himself at home.  All of our friends think he is such a well mannered puppy for being so young and  looks like a little curly lamb.  Thanks so much for such a wonderful dog and will keep you updated on his progress.
Laurey and Ernie