This page is to honor our wonderful dogs who have brought us wonderful doodles!!





Honey is our light golden Female Golden Retriever.  She weighs 72 lbs, is 21" and has a beautiful coat.  She is affectionate and loves to wash your face with her kisses.  She is active, playful and full of fun. 








Piper is our F1 Apricot Goldendoodle.  She weighs 50 lbs, is 23" tall and her coat is wavy/curly.  She is a beautiful, willing to please, laid back girl.  She paws us until she's had enough loving (which is usually never)!  She loves to fetch and lounge on the couch with Dad.











Sina lives with my sister and brother-in-law where she receives lots of love and attention. She comes and stays with us when its her time to be a mommy. Sina is a beautiful dark golden/red Retriever. She weighs 78 lbs, 23.5" and has a full coat. She is loving, sweet ,a real cuddler and full of fun! We know with her wonderful traits she will have some awesome puppies.












Opal is our F1 Goldendoodle treasure from my Sis in Ontario. She weighs 65 lbs. Her coat is wavy and full, with beautiful shades of apricot and cream. Opal is a lovely girl. She loves her toys (always has one in her mouth) and going for walks. She's my girl and her gentle friendly nature has everyone wanting to take her home.













Penny is our awesome cream F1 Goldendoodle with apricot accents. She weighs 65 lbs and is 22" tall. She has a beautiful wavy fleece coat! Penny is an outgoing, loving girl who loves to play! Beautiful Goldendoodles ahead from this lovely girl!









Maggie (Boo-Boo) is a sweet friendly girl.  She is a cream F1 Goldendoodle with golden accents.  She has a nice soft wavey/curly coat, weighs 60lbs and is 24.5" tall.  Maggie is smart, well mannered, loves retrieving and enjoys all.  She joined our breeding program in 2008 and makes beautiful puppies.











Izzie is our Adorable F1 White Mini Goldendoodle (parents Honey and Turbo).  She weighs 32lbs, is 17" tall and has a beautiful wavy coat.  She is very social and her favorite past time is to cuddle on the couch.  She is a playful girl who is loved by all.  Her best buddy is Piper. She has had many sweet Petite Doodles!!








Willow is our awesome medium-golden Golden Retriever.  She weighs 66lbs and 22" tall.  She has a beautiful full coat.  Willow has a wonderful loving temperment who loves to "talk to you" and is very smart.  She loves people and is calm and gentle. 






Daisie is fostered by our friends/neighbors Karon and Brian.  She has a loving home with their horses, cats and yellow lab, Duke!  She is a smart lovely girl who enjoys the outdoors retrieving ball.  Daisie is a cream F1 Mini Doodle (parents Sina and Turbo).  She is 33lbs and 19.5" tall.  She joinied our breeding program in 2009.  She makes beautiful Petite/Mini Goldendoodles!!


This is Teddy, our very handsome Male Standard Poodle. He is 25" tall and weighs 65lbs.  He is cream with a lovely thick coat that we keep clipped for ease of grooming. He is a gentle boy and loves to play.  Teddy has an awesome personality that has surely shown through in his litters!!

Summer is our lovely medium-golden Golden Retriever.  She weighs 74lbs and is 23" tall.  She has a beautiful full coat.  Summer is a sweet girl... who loves to play and is loving and gentle.  She joined our breeding program in 2011!


Lady is fostered by our friend/neighbor Harley. She has a loving home with his horses!  She is a playful girl who enjoys amusing herself with all her toys. She loves coming for play dates with Piper and Izzie!!  Lady is an adorable cream F1 Medium Doodle (parents Willow and Turbo). She is 31lbs and 18" tall. She joined our breeding program in 2012. She has made beautiful Petite/mini Goldendoodles!!

Lily joined our breeding program in the fall of 2012!  She is our beautiful blonde Golden Retriever. She weighs 65lbs and is 21" tall. She has an awesome long full coat. Lily has a wonderful loving temperament and she loves people.  She is a gentle soul with lots of love to give.  She has given us beautiful doodle babies!!


Reno is our sweet male Toy Poodle.  He is 13" tall and weighs 13lbs.  He is red with a great coat and will bring beautiful colors into our mini and petite goldendoodle litters.  He is a lovely boy with a wonderful friendly temperament.  He has a playful nature and loves to cuddle. This boy gave us many wonderful puppies over the years!!

Tess is our F1 cream Goldendoodle sweetie from my Sis in Ontario. She weighs 60lbs...her beautiful fleece coat is wavy and full (clipped short in these pics). Tess is an outgoing friendly girl.  She's a sweet loving girl who loves all. She joined our breeding program in 2013 and has given us awesome sweet natured doodles!

Riley...our F1 Medium Goldendoodle joined our breeding program in 2014!  She is 32lbs and 18" with a dark apricot coat and red highlights.  Riley is a sweet girl who is eager to greet and say hi to all!!  She has a sweet disposition and loves to cuddle.  She has brought us lovely petite doodles!


Sophie is our F1 cream Goldendoodle (parents Lily and Teddy) with apricot highlights. She weighs 67lbs...her beautiful coat is wavy and full (clipped short in these pics). Sophie is a sweet friendly girl. She loves to romp in the backyard and has a gentle nature!  She has joined our breeding program and has given us awesome sweet natured doodles!

This is Elvis...our male Toy Poodle.  He is 13" tall and weighs 11lbs.  He is a beautiful red and will bring lovely color into our petite and medium goldendoodle litters.  He is an awesome boy with a comedic, almost human personality.  He has a sweet nature and loves to cuddle.

Lexi is our cream Medium F1 goldendoodle!!  This little muppet is a sweet lovely girl who loves to romp and play.  She is eager to meet and greet all who she meets!!  She is 29lbs and 17” tall.  She has joined our breeding program and is making us sweet natured Petite goldendoodles!!

This is Maddie....our beautiful cream English Golden Retriever!  She weighs 70lbs and is 20” tall.  She has a lovely full coat and square head.  Maddie is a sweet playful girl who has a loving temperament. She has a gentle nature with lots of love to give. She has joined our breeding program and has given us beautiful doodle babies!!

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