Our Petite Doodle Families


Here are some pics from our petite doodles owners!



Good day Wendy
Hellola weighed in at 3.5 K.  The vet was most impressed with Hellola's nature as well as her "sitting" to receive a treat.  All our friends are impressed with her, as are we.  She is delightful when grooming her, walking her, cuddling with her.  Julio and her are becoming the best of friends.  Of course, she does have her puppy moments but lots of excerise is the answer. thank you so much for breeding her..she is the greatest little girl!  We all love her  sincerely  veda

Hi Wendy, Just wanted to let you know that Frankie is doing great!  He last weighed 8 1/2 pounds at 13 weeks and is perfectly healthy.  He got his first two shots and will go back for the rest in about two weeks.  He is full of energy and loves to play (and cuddle when he's tired).  We can't believe how smart he is!  He catches on so quickly to his training.  He already mastered sit, down, here, and stay.  We can't walk more than a few feet on our block without getting stopped by people who are in awe of his fluffy apricot colored hair and of course, his personality.  We love him so much!  Attached are a few recent pictures.  Hope all is well with you.
Speak soon, Cara and Mike

Hi Wendy, Molly is now 7 months old and weighed 20 lbs when she was spayed on Dec 8.  She is a very funny puppy, very well behaved, and was called a 'little showoff' at puppy classes!  She really took well to the training, and now will sit, sit stay, down, down stay, and come very consistently.  She loves to chase her toys and sometimes brings them back!  She sleeps in her crate every night, and is in there during the day while I go to work.  She is loved by all who meet her, and was my trainer's absolute favourite, even though he said he should not have favorites! 
I got her booties and a coat (we DO live in Edmonton!) and she kind of looks like Sherlock Holmes in her jacket!  The booties are a work in progress, we need more progress, but she will learn to deal I think, as she did for her cow costume for Halloween.  She was once great cow...
Hope you have a good Christmas with your family.  I still check the site often and tell about 10 people a week where I got her!Happy Holidays,Angie








Hi Wendy, Happy New Year...Just could not resist sending you this pix.... Kalaia came to school with me!!! She is terrific... happiest pup alive... tail wagging all the time... and she talks! The Doodle Sisters Napali and she are great friends! and you were right.... she has been fully housebroken for well over a month! The 4 girls have the run of the house when we are at work... no problems at all!!! Take care with ALL those new pups!!!!!! Lindy