Here are some pics from our medium doodle owners!!!


Hi Wendy,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I figured it was about time to give you an update on Roxy.  She settled in very quickly, but the old dogs are still not happy with the crazy ball of energy.  We started puppy school about 3 weeks ago and is catching on to everything very quickly, she is very smart! I know you were interested in her size.  Right now at just over 4 months she is 20 lbs and 16". I'm attaching some recent pictures of her (last week at exactly 4 months).  If you would like pictures of her earlier I can send some (I have a lot!). Thanks again.  We all adore our little mini! Meghan

Hi Wendy!
I figured it was time for an update on Roxy.  She is now 20 months old about 30 pounds and around 17 inches tall.  I can't believe she is going to be 2 already in June!  She is currently doing agility, flyball, rally-o and a trick class.  Her favorite out of them all is agility class.  I've attached a link to her Feb agility fun day they had at her school.
We are hoping to go to a trial in Sept and if we do I will fill you in on how that goes!  She is in rally-o with Luca and Lijah and loves playing with them.  She looks so tiny compaired to them!  Roxy is friends with Anna on dogbook but they haven't met yet.  I've attached pictures of her but most of them are from the fall.
I will keep you updated on her and all of her activities.  Thanks for breeding such awesome dogs.  I can't imagine my life without her now!  -Meghan



Hi Wendy and Joe
Lilli continues to give us much joy and laughter.  She is now 21 weeks old and cute as a button not to mention  smart. We are in puppy class and have enrolled in Jan for one more class and then we will see how she is doing.  We have so many friends with puppies and are constantly playing.  She is the smallest and holds her own very well.  I could  say she rules the gang.  She also is the smartest and best disciplined. She weighs 24 1/2 lbs.  She is1 foot 4 inches from floor to shoulder and is 1 foot 7 inches from bum to shoulders. She is such a sweetie, you should be proud. Her favorite game is she hides under anything as small as a stool and thinks no one can see her.  It's hilarious..  We love her sooooo much.  Thank you++++  Patti


Hi there Wendy 
It has been awhile since updated you about Lilli who we picked up from you last August and brought her home to Regina.
Just had her groomed, her 2nd set of shots and a very good visit to the Vet.  He can't believe how passive she is.  She weighed 35 lbs.  She is such a sweetie and hasn't been the least bit of touble.  Loves everyone and vice versa.  Alf and I do most of walks and the 2 girls play with and give her tons of hugs and kisses.She loves getting her teeth brushed but not real crazy about getting brushed so it was a little embarassing taking her in to get groomed.  I will and get Jenn to send a picture of her.
Sounds like you guys have been breading your dogs.  I hope the owners love their new puppies as much as we love Lilli.
 Take care  Patti Bernstein

Hi Wendy
Just an update on Lilli for future owners.  She is doing great.  Can't tell you how much she is loved.  I no longer put her in here crate which probably isn't smart but she has never gotten into any trouble at all.  The shoes sit at the door and the girls mitts lay there and she doesn't bother anything. She is so funny with her pawing at you when she wants attention.  I have heard that is a trait of them. She still eats once a day and about 1 1/4 cups.  She loves balls and is hilarious to watch as she throws her head back as she chews.  Never barks and loves the mailman.  He is real friendly to her. Alf takes her out everyday when he gets home and kicks a soccer ball around.  She carries it in her mouth and runs like heck. I try and have friends dogs over everyday to play.  Lilli is definetily the boss. Take care and stay warm. Patti Bernstein


Wendy,  We thought that it was about time you received an update from the West Coast -- Chloe is almost 7 months and has more character with every day.  She loves everybody and everybody loves her and then some.  She is about 30 lbs and loves to snuggle with us if we are watching a movie or any other time she gets the opportunity.  She likes to play with four toys at a time, loves to carry the biggest branch she can find when we are out walking and thinks it is party time whenever she meets another dog.   She has been an

 absolute gem since the day she arrived.
 We love her!!!!   




Thank you,
Dave and Cynthia
Victoria, BC









Hello Wendy and Joe!!!
 I can not believe my little Anna LV is 6 months old already!!! She has been in my life for 4 months now and I can not imagine life with out her.
She is the best little dog you could ever ask for. She definitely is busy but it is humorous!! I can not believe how smart she is. She learned to ring the bells to go outside almost instantly. She potty trained like a breeze. It makes me laugh how she knows when she is not supposed to be doing something, and when she hears me coming to check on her, she stops and acts like she wasn't near the garbage, or touching the roll of toilet paper that is strewn through the house. She knows enough to STOP before I see her. That is funny. She has finished smart puppy school and we are currently in puppy agility. I have to admit, she is the best student in agility by far!! I talked to the teacher the other night and probably going to keep taking agility. She really is amazing at it. Anna was spayed a couple of weeks ago and she weighed in at 22lbs. She is 17inches high. Everyone she meets falls madly in love with her. She loves all dogs and all people. Anna even has a profile on dogbook, a division of facebook, and she has many new friends. Our latest friend actually happens to be Roxy from your litter last year. Hopefully we can get the dogs together to play.  
 Thanks Wendy and Joe for the most amazing puppy!!!!      Love from,  Karla and Anna LV  xoxoxox

Hi Wendy!!! Hope you, Joe and all the PUPPIES had a great Thanksgiving. Just thought you would like to see Anna and her Chewy Vuitton purses. I ordered these from some boutique in the U.S. Are they not cute???
How about Anna?? She is so freaking cute. I also had to take these pics as she was so pretty and fluffy from her bath. But the nice clean fur did not last as we went to the off leash park...Anna heads straight for the creek!!!!  But the park is her time, she loves it there. Take care!! Karla and Anna LV 
 Since Anna is named after Louis Vuitton. she had to get a couple of Chewy Vuitton purses. Thought I better grab a couple of photos of her with them before she shreds them.




Hi Wendy, 
We have wanted to drop you a note for quite some time.  Bailey is doing well and I can't explain how happy we are to have him with us.  My two daughters absolutely adore him.  He is so good with the girls (very gentle and patient).  My girls being only 6 and 9 can be very trying on anyone - Bailey seems to just love having them around.  He is now approximately 9 months and weighs about 32 pounds.  He has not grown much in the last couple of months.  We neutered him already and he recovered well.  Here are a couple of recent pictures of him. Chris, Inga, Kristen, Lauren and Bailey





Hi Wendy!  
We have attached a few pictures of our precious Shazam.  He is 10 months old and weighs 42 pounds.  We can't express how much joy, love, humor, and adventure he brings to our life!  He is such a celebrity in our neighbourhood and it's been said that he should be in the movies given his handsome looks.  He really does look like a stuffed teddy bear!  Shazam is quite the character and has a mischevious, fun, and loving personality.  We absolutely adore him and are so grateful that he is part of our family.  We are very tempted to get another one but have decided to wait a little bit longer.  Shazam had the pleasure of meeting his sister that recently came to Edmonton .  They immediately hit it off and had a ball together!!  Thanks Wendy!  Have a wonderful Christmas season!  
Nicole and Wayne

Hi Wendy
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Pheobee.  She is the absolute perfect puppy.  She was house trained in about three weeks.  She learned the basic sit, laydown etc. in the first month or so.  She loves people and loves other dogs, she LOVES to have playdates ! I know I had told you about my daughter Brooklyn's severe allergies, Brooklyn is not allergic to Pheobee at all !  This is the first time ever that Brooklyn has been able to be around a dog.  We could not love her anymore.  
She is about 19 weeks now and about 16 pounds, she has done all her shots and we have just started puppy classes with her.  There is about 10 puppies in the class and the instructor always uses Pheobee as an example. I have attached a photo for you, she is about 14 weeks in this picture.
I can't say thank you enough for Pheobee.  We can't imagine life without her.
I will keep you posted, talk to you soon,
The Pereira Family



Hi Wendy,
How time flys!!!!  Cako is growing like a bad weed (approx 20lbs)!  She lost her two bottom incisors yesterday and has 4 or 5 of her permanet teeth.  She certainly keeps life interesting! 

I've attached a couple of pictures that were taken about two weeks ago when she had her first cut.  She loves to be outside and play in the snow, can't wait for this cold spell to end. 

 She has all of her shots now and we'll soon have to arrange for her to be spayed.  We're enjouing her very much and she certainly has made it a home for herself.
We'll update you again soon.
Rita Cakov



Hi Wendy;
I thought I would send you some pictures of Mylo; from the September 15th litter; minidoodle. He loves the snow and I made him a hill in the backyard that he has dug out, he also loves water and tries to jump into the shower as well as watching TV. He enjoys chasing the cats except when the cat chases him back; he's not so fond of that. My one cat believes she is the Alfa cat/animal of the house.  Mylo vaccinations are up to date and tomorrow he goes for his second class at puppy school. He is wonderful to take around places as I put him in the car/backseat and he lies down and has a nap every time we do car rides, even all the way into the city. House training is going very well except for when I miss what he is telling me,(we haven't had any accidents for a while) he only likes to bark at the cats I cant get him to bark when he wants to go outside, so I am very happy you told me about the bells on the door as he is using that system. He doesn't like the crate. Every morning when I go to work he now know the jacket that I where and when I put it on he goes and hides so that I don't put him in the crate. Its very sad leaving in the mornings. I have left him to roam the house twice for 4 hours each time and he has been surprisingly good no accidents and he hasn't destroyed anything yet. 
We went to the doctors on the 8th of January and he weighed in at 23 lbs. He is an absolute delight and I am very happy with him. He has little boots and a jacket and doesn't mind wearing them for walks in the cold. I can't ask for a better companion. Take care, Sincerely,Andrea

Hi Wendy;
 I thought I would send a quick email to update you on how wonderful Mylo is. He still is the best dog to take on car rides. He occasionally put his head up to take a look then goes back to sleep. He enjoys having a bath and water and is somewhat respectful of his 2 other roommates, referring to my cats. He always trys to play with them and never tries to hurt them. I have started leaving him in the house for approx. 4 hours at a time out of his kennel and he has been great so far. No accidents and no damage. He loves to play in the snow still and enjoys using the bells on the door. He is picking up the odd shoe but gives it up quite easily. He is getting smarter, now he walks on his hind legs so he can check out what's on the kitchen counter.  He is gently with other dogs, not aggressive and is barking when he sees someone in front of the house or when he sees himself in the mirror. Not very barky only when he sees something. Which is great.  He is friendly with everyone.  He is truly a joy to have and when we encounter others when we go for walks I always get questioned about him and comments about how soft his coat is. Still not shedding. I sent some pictures that I recently took at approx. 5 mth -51/2mth old and is approx. 30lbs. Thanks again,  Andrea

Hi Wendy; I thought I would send you some pictures of Mylo. I guess he will be 8 months old on the 15th of May. He got into some burrs when we were walking; so since we don't have any groomers out here and instead of combing them out it was easier to cut them out; so I gave him a home made hair cut. He is an excellent dog. He barks now, but not very often. Only when he see something. He still uses the bells to let me know he has to go outside. He loves to play with other dogs and is very friendly with a good temperament. We are taking obedience school and he is doing very well. He is just a joy to have and to be around with.   Take care.  Andrea Zaluski


Hi Wendy
We just wanted to send you a quick update about Abbey. She is now almost 6 months old, just about 20 pounds and 17 inches tall. She's an awesome addition to our family. She is much different then the shy and nervous little puppy that she was when we picked her up. She quickly came into her own and definitely has a mind of her own! (and we wouldn't have it any other way!) She brightens our day. Abbey leaps and bounds everywhere she goes! She constantly amazes us with how smart she is (she learned to ring the bell to go outside within a week and hasn't had an accident in the house since!). Abbey is currently in puppy school and has already mastered sit, stay, down and come and its only the third class! Numerous people ask what breed she is and are we tell them about True Love Doodles. She is a very happy dog and has settled in well. We are all so glad to have her in our family. And one more thing: she is soooo cute!  Thank you for making it possible.  Barb Arnal


Wendy,  Just a quick note to let you know that Cleo is thriving and we’re adjusting to our new situation very well. She has already added so much to my life … bringing so much joy and life to my home.  Cleo is an absolutely beautiful puppy, in everyway. She is smart, calm, cute (beyond words, curious, gentle and oh so loving. I’m so proud of her. Everyone we meet inquires about her and she garners smiles wherever we go, especially from children.  You’re a wonderful breeder and I want to thank you for making Cleo’s life possible. She’s a gift from the heavens.

Sincerely, Jennifer Brash







Hi Wendy,
How are you? We are doing great! It has been a week since we brought our little Cooper home, and I cannot say enough good things about him. He is the sweetest little guy and has adjusted so well. The first night home I could not believe it......not one little whimper out of him when we put him in the crate to go to bed. He checked out great at the Vet the next morning, even though he got car sick on the way there.He has already learnt to sit on command and has only had a few pee accidents in the house so far.
Thanks so much Wendy, we love our mini doodle!! Lori

Hi Wendy, 
How are you? I see that you have added a little apricot coloured poodle to your breeding team. What a nice colour doodle that will make!! I might have to think about getting Cooper a brother one day. He weighed 39.6 lbs. I measured him, from the head he is 26" and from his back just over 19".   Things have been great!! He is a wonderful dog and so smart. I am amazed sometimes at how quickly he catches onto things. He STILL does not like the car though. I am hoping as he gets older he will grow out of it one day. We start obedience classes on the 10th of April. He already has a lot of the training down pat so I am sure he will do well.  None the less, we are having a great time with him and love him to death. I have enclosed a few pictures. As you can see, he needs a haircut around his eyes again. I cut them a few weeks ago and now they are back in his eyes again. He is so cute though!! Anyway he goes to be groomed next week so I will send more later.  Lori



Hi Wendy, We have been meaning to write you a qucik note for 2 years now but just have not got to it. Our Murphy was 2 years old yesterday. He was from Sina's litter. We could not be happier with our beautiful boy. Murphy is now 50 lbs and has the most lovable personality. Everyone who meets him falls in love. He loves to visit with other dogs and enjoys his walks and the off leash park. He is quite quiet and layed back (most of the time). He loves to be around people and will cuddle up with whoever is on the couch. He basically house trained himself and was trained in a matter of a couple of weeks. He uses the bell on the back door whenever he wants out. We took him to 2 puppy classes and he did very well. I am a teacher and he comes to my school and classroom once a week. He loves the kids and they love him. We love our doodle and are very glad we adopted him into our family. Attached are a couple of pictures. Love, Bob and Janice McWilliams


 Hi Wendy,Sorry it took so long to send you some updated pictures. Abby is doing very well in her new home and she is a bundle of energy. She loves to play in the backyard and run around the house. She has learned to sit, give paw and lay down, we are currently working on getting her to role over. Abby has been a wonderful addition to our family and we love her very much.
Deidre and Matthew :)











Hi Wendy, Thought I'd update you on Spencer.  He is now 22 lbs and just about 3 months old.  He is pretty much housetrained and rings the bell whenever he has to go (and sometimes when he doesn't).  He knows how to sit and lie down and is very cute because all I have to do is use the word "sit" in a sentence and he can be across the room playing and he'll drop what he's doing and sit. He goes for lots of car rides and has never gotten sick.  He's a ball of energy and cute as can be.  He goes for his last shots next week and after that he'll be going for lots of walks in the park nearby.  I'm attaching a photo taken today. PENNY MILTON







Hi Wendy, Thought you might enjoy these pics of Amos's first Thanksgiving.
He's a great pup and we are enjoying so much.  He has such a great personality and is so playful.  He now weights 18 pounds.  He started Puppy Kindergarten last week and was a hit with the other owners and puppies. 
Take care, Jackie & Jay





Hi Wendy, Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how our pup Sofi is doing.  After several days we saw a huge change, much more relaxed yet feisty around the house.  She definitely knows it's home now.  Her training is going great.  After one day she has mastered the bell to go outside.  We had a trainer come to the house yesterday for several hours and that was great to learn about all the stages she is and will go through in the next year.  She fits right into the family as if she always belonged.  I will try and send you a picture in the next few days. Karolyn






Hi Wendy I wanted to give you an update on Zoe (red girl 4 from Opal & Reno's Feb 2009 litter).  Zoe is a lovely dog.  She loves people, especially kids, and is so much fun.  She loves to play with kids & toys and go for walks.  We have literally had people chase us down to find out what breed she is and where we got her. She has also been very easy to train.  At 9 months she weighs 28 pounds and is 20 inches tall at the shoulder. We are so happy that she is part of our family. Shannon







Hi Wendy, was thinking about you today and wanted to send our best wishes for the New Year. We spent the past 5 weeks in Minneapolis at our daughter and son-in-law's meeting our new grandson. Gracie was so gentle with the baby!!! Hope you are well and everything is going good. Take Care from Gracie, Ed and Laura Magotiaux. ps. Ed says I better quit checking your sight especially with that little man of Piper's still available. He is too cute.


Hi Wendy!! Greetings from sunny Los Angeles, where Andy is taking California by storm!!! We are beyond thrilled with our puppy and he is a wonderful addition to our family. Our children are 6, 7 and 9 and Andy is adored by each of them. He is always gentle and playful, and now goes to school pick-up, baseball, basketball and volleyball practice with me almost every single day (phew!). He's a hit with kids all over the city!! I can't thank you enough. As I'd mentioned to you one of our children had been bitten badly by a dog a few weeks before he arrived, and Andy has definitely made it so we've all recovered from that experience. We just adore him!!!! Many thanks, and stay warm!! Sarah




Hi  Wendy, Ryder is doing great!  He sleeps in his crate at night with no problems now and today he actually went for two naps in his crate voluntarily.  We have to go get a new one tomorrow as he has definitely out grown this one!  He has learned to sit on command and now goes to the door when he needs to go outside. Our daughter has had no problems with her allergies either, so that if definitely a relief!! Thanks very much! Coleen









Hi Wendy - we just thought we would send along some photos of Finnigan(and his pals) as he turned 1 on Wednesday Feb. 3rd! He is a very energetic, bright and happy bundle of joy for our entire family (and his special pal next door - his black lab friend Lucy)! Finn and Lucy have play dates often two or three times a day in Lucy's yard and he alsogoes for lots of walks and car rides with us and loves to go chasing after us on the toboggan hills in the area as well as run around on the trails (and the beach when no one else is there) at the cottage north of Gimli. He completed his level 1 obedience last summer and we are looking for another activity for him for the upcoming spring and summer months(possibly Flyball). He is certainly his Mama and Papa's boy as he lovesgoing for walks and is constantly walking around with a toy in his mouth(just like the description of Opal) and loves to play and to cuddle(just like Reno)! He also has that wonderful red coloured and curly (andhypo-allegenic) coat from his dad! He is wonderful with his two buddies(our sons) and loves playing with his own toys and theirs (like ballhockey in the basement)!He is about 18" at the shoulder and weighs about 32 pounds. He is a sturdy and healthy and wonderful little guy who loves attention (and gets it from us and everyone he meets, especially at the pet store)!Thank you again for our loving little buddy! He has matured into awonderful pet and companion for us all! We are constantly being asked about him from friends and strangers alike and have provided your kennel's name to many people we meet who want to know where we foundsuch a sweet and happy puppy!The Turners (and Finnigan) :-)