While there are many breeders and owners out there who put down any type of hybrid, the goldendoodle is the best mix anyone could have ever asked for and to this day their popularity continues to increase.

The Goldendoodle gets its name from its mixed parentage, the golden retriever and the standard poodle to get a hybrid, a 1st generation cross  so they exhibit "hybrid vigor".  This is breeding that you get  from the first cross between two unrelated purebreds that is better than either parent line.  The puppies take on the best traits of both breeds.  As a hybrid cross the Goldendoodle usually grows healthier then either parent as well.  The AKC has ranked dogs according to popularity in North America, the golden retriever ranked 4th and the poodle 5th, out of 148 breeds.

The Goldendoodle is a terrific family dog, friendly, very social, easy to train and great with kids.  The Goldendoodle is happiest when with people.  While Goldendoodles are typically a low-shedding hybrid it does shed to some degree. Goldendoodles combine the wonderful traits of both the golden retriever and the poodle purebreeds and these characteristics can include;  loyal ,intelligent, gentle, easy to train, desire to please, lovable, probable low shedding and allergy reduction.

Goldendoodles can come in all colors with apricot being the most popular.  Goldendoodles can live in the city or rural.  Goldendoodles require a moderate amount of exercise so walks and or play is sufficient.








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The Goldendoodle will inherit fur which looks retriever like, or poodle like, but usually something in between.





      A CURLY DOODLE                                                                                  A WAVY DOODLE

Goldendoodles have different coat types, they can be curly, flat or wavy.  All have different amounts of shedding, some have moderate and some have next to none.  With our experience we now can have a dog in the house without allergic reactions.  Some claim that their doodle does not shed but I believe they just don't see the hair as the shedding is so light.  This works out good for people with mild allergies or for people who just don't want to have to deal with the dog hair all over their clothing and furniture.

The F1 Goldendoodle requires less grooming than the F1b, maybe a little trimming around the eyes is required between grooming appointments. They must be brushed regularly or they will get matted...the longer and curlier the coat the more brushing required.  If wanting the non-shedding coat more brushing is required or you will have a matted dog and this is painful for them. The F1b requires more brushing as they have more curl in the coat and will matt if not brushed.  You don't want your doodle to get matted as this is unfair to your dog and a groomer will want to shave your dog when brought in for grooming.  The commitment of regular brushing is something that is required when considering a doodle for your pet.







Truelove kennels is now raising MEDIUM AND PETITE DOODLES.   So many people these days just don't have the space for a big goldendoodle or are just looking for a smaller pet so we have decided to breed mediums and petites.   Below is a little more info on the smaller goldendoodle breed.

The medium goldendoodle



The Petite Goldendoodle

A medium and petite goldendoodle is quite amazing and has been bred for its impressive qualities.  Starting with the standard goldendoodle breeding of a standard poodle and golden retriever cross, the intelligence, friendly nature and ease of training of the goldendoodle has made this breed a favorite of many dog owners.  This cross also retains a good portion of the non-shedding of the poodle while keeping the good looks of the retriever.  Combining all of these wonderful traits is great but now one more can be added.  A standard goldendoodle can range anywhere from 45-80 lbs (although ours have averaged about 60), which is too large for some pet owners.  To get the goldendoodle qualities in a more compact package, a miniature poodle is crossed with either a golden retriever or standard goldendoodle.

Some Positive Qualities of the Smaller Goldendoodle

A medium or petite goldendoodle is not necessarily more active than a standard goldendoodle.  While any goldendoodle requires a fair amount of excercise, a miniature goldendoodle should not be more hyper than a standard (this says alot with picking the right breeding parents).
There have been some concerns that a miniature goldendoodle will have a disproportioned body, this is not at all true.  The mini doodle will have the same appearance as a standard but in a little more compact size.
A medium or petite goldendoodle has the same friendly and mild temperment as the standard goldendoodle.
The medium or petite goldendoodle is just as easy to train. The goldendoodle trains easily but good and consistent training is required with the doodle knowing who's the boss but the goldendoodles desire to please makes training a breeze.

Medium and Petite Doodles

We started out breeding the standard but now we also breed the smaller version of the goldendoodle.  We are also breeding F1's (1st generation cross, retriever and miniature poodle) and F1b's (1st generation crossbacks, goldendoodle and miniature poodle) in the medium.  Both the medium and petite has become increasingly popular because they are the same wonderful doodle but in a smaller package.  These smaller goldendoodles make the ideal pet for a family looking for a mid to small sized dog. The majority of our medium doodles have been 35-45 lbs and the petites 17-25 lbs with a few falling on either side of that.  My Medium and Petite Goldendoodles are bred for health and temperment.  Miniature and toy poodles are just as smart, loving and fun as the standard so the combination is wonderful.  They are the same people pleasing, fun loving doodle but in a smaller size. 



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