Luca & Lijah Luca & Lijah Summer 2009 Lijah and Luca with Mom 63438151 December 2009 Visiting Mom's Grade 6 classroom 63438152 Summer 2007 Wascana Park 63438153 New Haircuts As always, best buddies. 63438154 We love our Wubba Sharing a toy. 63438155 Never too far apart Truly best buds. 63438156 Luca - Lujah 63438157 In need of a haircut This is how our hair looked before we got our much curlier adult coats. 63438158 Trying out the new doggie door. The best invention ever! 63438159 Luca 63438160 Lijah 63438161 Lijah/Luca Sharing a bed. 63438162 Luca/Lijah Oops, we aren't supposed to be on the couch! 63438163 Parliament Buildings in Regina Out for a walk. 63438164 Sharing a toy. 63438165 Lijah/Luca 63438166 Lijah all tired out! 63438167 Luca still ready to play. 63438168 Relaxing with our grandaughter. Still not supposed to be on the couch ;-) 63438169 Luca all tuckered out. But the couch is our favorite spot!! 63438170 Luca/Lijah If not the couch, then the chair??? 63438171 Brush time with dad. 63438172 Ruby comes for a visit. Ruby is an 8 month old petite from Truelove. 63691629 Waiting for the release command. 63691630 Trying to get a picture of multiple dogs isn't easy. 63691631 Lijah, Luca and Ruby Luca and Lijah - 75 pounds Ruby - 16 pounds 63691632