Rosie & Daisy Rosie & Daisy Sweetheart Little Rosie at the park! 188614661 Halloween Our little witch 188614662 Daisy and Sean 188614663 Sarah's graduation 188614664 Mom and her babies!! 188614665 Doing some laundry! 188614666 My Mom's a Lawyer! 188614667 Sleepy Rosie Tired after a long day of playing!!! 188614668 188614669 Cuddly Rosie Lamby is her favourite toy! 188614670 Rosie's "selfie" 188614671 Rosie and green lamby! 188614672 Sisters! Their first picture together! 188614673 Christmas day! Nap after opening presents! 188614674 Daisy going to my new home!! 188614675