Jodee Jodee Parents - Lady and Reno (Nov2/12) Jodee at 6 weeks Pick me! Pick me! 173053840 First day home Jan 9/13 Thank you for picking me up at the airport! 173053841 Working with Daddy! I think I will just watch this time! 173053842 Training time So this is how it's done! 173053843 Meal time Just waiting 173053844 Meal time Mmmm what;s in there? 173053845 Meal time Just be cool. 173053846 Snow Doodle! Love, love, love the snow!!! 173053847 Nap time 173065820 Nap time Relaxing with Mommy 173065821 Nap time Relaxing with Daddy 173065822 Happy 11 weeks old. 11 weeks. 173065823 First trip to the vet Weigh in 11 lb. 173360710 Almost 12 weeks I behave very well at the Vet's so what's in it for me? 173360711 Jodee I wonder what's on the other side? 173360712 Jodee It's so cold out there. I will just watch Daddy shovel from here. 173360713 Jodee Ooooh, paparazi! 173360714 Mirror, mirror Who is that puppy that looks like me? 173360715 Jodee and Daddy Nice day in the Park , Feb 2013 175277719 Jodde at 16 weeks Jodee weighed in at 17 pounds on Feb 20/13 175277720 Cute profile 175277721 Playdate Can we come in now? We promise to be good...... :p 175277723 Sitting Nice! I am just going to guard Daddy's boots! 175278009 Playdate Time out for Doodles! 175278010 Jodee at 6 months Don't worry Mommy, I'll protect you from the bears! 178891145 Jodee at 6 months Jodee at 6 months and 24 lbs 178891146 Jodee at 6 months Jodee the traveling doodle! 178891147 Jodee at 6 months Having fun in Jasper 178891148 Nap time Dreaming of being a super dog! 185052613 Cabin life My toy box! 185052615 Hiking Jodee at 10 months 185052614 All Grown Up! Jodee is now 2 yrs 5 mos and 40 pounds! She is a lovely girl!! 197851652 Niagra Falls Loves to travel 197851653 Peggy's Cove 197851654