Lilah 2012 Lilah 2012 Lilah & her big bro Bentley First night home & he was already protecting her! 169435093 Sweet girl 169435094 Settling in her new home 169435095 Sibling love One of few quiet moments in our house! 169435096 So photogenic as a pup This sweater didnt fit for very long! 169435097 Just hangin' out 169435098 169435099 Rainy days! 169435100 Love 169435103 Aren't I cute? 169435104 Play time! 169435101 169435102 Drive in with the girls! She was so good, slept for 4 hours while the movies played :) 169435105 Beach day! She LOVES digging in the sand at the beach and rolling in it, hasnt started swimming yet- maybe next summer :) 169435106 Im sorry face? 169435107 I'm so cute! 169435108 Love me! 169435109 Doodle Romp! PEI had their first "Doodle Romp" - Lilah was the only petite doodle there and she did great! 37 goldendoodles attended 169435110 Hotel room fun! The pups stayed at a hotel with us, Lilah would not stop jumping from bed to bed- so adorable! 169435111 Happy Canada Day! 169435112 Canada love 169435113 Pooped after festivities! 169435114 Out for a fall walk with mom & my big bro! 169435115 Lilah the witch! She was so good wearing her halloween costume, even posed for pictures 169435118 Being crazy! 169435116 After effect of previous pic! She loves the bath tub! 169435734 Summer days Summer days with my big doodle brother, Bentley! 191197470 Merry Christmas! Family Christmas card photo! 191197471 In my favourite spot My favourite place to hang out - perfect height to see out the windows! 191197472 Me and my big bro I love my big brother! 191197473 Sitting pretty. 191197474 I'm two! My second birthday!! 191197475 Snow day fun I love playing in the snow, but not getting my snowballs cleaned off when I come in! 191197476 I'm so pretty 191197477 Supergirl Happy Halloween 2013! 191197478 Having a drink 191197479