• Vet checked regularly for health maintenance
  • Current on all immunizations, and anti-parasitic programs including heartworm
  • Highly socialized with love and hands-on attention and daily play
  • On a high quality diet of Nutram






Peanut is our cream Miniature Poodle with apricot accents.  He weighs 14 lbs and is 12" tall.  He is a sweet boy who loves to give kisses and be cuddled.  He has joined our breeding program and we are sure his wonderful traits will be seen in our medium and petite goldendoodles!!





This is Elvis...our male Toy Poodle.  He is 13" tall and weighs 11lbs.  He is a beautiful red and will bring lovely color into our petite and medium goldendoodle litters.  He is an awesome boy with a comedic, almost human personality.  He has a sweet nature and loves to cuddle.







Introducing Willy....our male Moyen Poodle.  He is 19" tall and weighs 36lbs.  He is a beautiful red with white markings.  He has an awesome thick coat and will bring beautiful color into our medium/mini goldendoodle litters.  Willy has joined our breeding program and is a sweet boy with an awesome temperament.  He has a loving playful nature that has come through in his litters.











Riley...our F1 Medium Goldendoodle joined our breeding program in 2014!  She is 32lbs and 18" with a dark apricot coat and red highlights.  Riley is a sweet girl who is eager to greet and say hi to all!!  She has a sweet disposition and loves to cuddle.  She has brought us lovely petite doodles!









Sophie is our F1 cream Goldendoodle (parents Lily and Teddy) with apricot highlights. She weighs 67lbs...her beautiful coat is wavy and full (clipped short in these pics). Sophie is a sweet friendly girl. She loves to romp in the backyard and has a gentle nature!  She has joined our breeding program and has given us awesome sweet natured doodles!






Lexi is our cream Medium F1 Goldendoodle!!  This little muppet is a sweet lovely girl who loves to romp and play.  She is eager to meet and greet all who she meets!!  She is 29lbs and 17" tall.  She has joined our breeding program and is making us sweet natured beautiful Petite Goldendoodles!!







This is Maddie...our beautiful cream English Golden Retriever!  She weighs 75lbs and is 20" tall. She has a lovely full coat and square head. Maddie is a sweet playful girl who has a loving temperment.  She has a gentle nature with lots of love to give.  She has joined our breeding program and has given us beautiful doodle babies!!






Gracie is our medium F1 Goldendoodle who is champagne in color with a beautiful full wavy coat from my sis at Dreamdoodles!!  This little sweetie is a loving cuddly girl who loves people.  She is 32 lbs and 18" tall.  She has joined our breeding program and has made us goldendoodles with a sweet disposition and full of love!!

Molly is our beautiful dark golden/red Golden Retriever.  She weighs 68 lbs, and is 22.5" and has an awesome full coat.  She is a people loving, sweet girl who is a great cuddler!  She will be joining our breeding program in 2018 and we know with her wonderful traits she will give us some awesome puppies.


Benny is our Miniature Poodle who is cream with apricot markings. He weighs 15 lbs and is 14" tall.  He is the sweetest boy with the most loving temperment.  He loves to play with with his toys and especially loves to snuggle!!  He joined our breeding program in 2018 and we are sure his sweet, wonderful traits will come through in our medium and petite goldendoodles!!


Nikki...our F1 Medium Goldendoodle (parents Maddie and Peanut) will be joining our breeding program in 2018!  She is 37lbs and 16.5" with a cream coat and beautiful gold undertones.  Nikki is a sweet girl who loves her pets and is always eager to say hi to all!!  She has a sweet, loving disposition.  She is sure to bring us lovely mini and petite doodles!


Ginger is our medium F1 Goldendoodle (Parents are Lily and Willy) who is a beautiful red with a full wavy coat!!  This sweet girl is full of fun and love for all.  She is 35lbs and 18" tall.  She will be joining our breeding program and will be sure to make us goldendoodles with a loving disposition full of sweet kisses!!

Wendy Dacquisto

Box 736, Teulon Manitoba,  Canada R0C 3B0


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